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  • Please Note: More dates and times may be available, please call!

Laser Tag Adventure

Your High-Tech, High-Fun Adventure Is Here!

Quick Details

Laser Tag Price Per Person
One Hour Session
90 minute session
Birthday Parties 90 minute session with ice cream for 12 guests. Please call for pricing.

Experience Gorilla Tactics!

Enjoy a day of laser tag or make your next birthday party a laser tag party!

Our challenging outdoor courses will provide you with hours of outdoor enjoyment utilizing impressive outdoor arenas! Each laser gun is equipped to transition between several game modes for a varied and exciting experience, exercising both tactical skills and strategic planning. See all laser tag options below.

Game Modes

We are working to create more games modes so check back often. Our current game modes are:

  • ‚ÄčTeam Battle
  • Free for All
  • VIP
  • Infected


Laser tag guns also are able to transition between various weapon types to keep everyone challenged. Gun types include:

  • Battle rifle (semi-automatic rifle)
  • Burst rifle (3-round burst)
  • Sniper (bolt action)
  • Shotgun (semi-auto)
  • Heavy machine gun (fully automatic)
  • SMG (rapid reload & fire)
  • Assault laser (high DPS laser)
  • Battle cannon (double barrel anti-material rifle)


Our tactical course offers different arenas, each with a different theme, layout, terrain, and cover. Our guides will lead you from arena to arena.

  • Arena 1 – Civil War
  • Arena 2 – Desert Storm
  • Arena 3 – Iwo Jima
  • Arena 4 – Bunker Hill